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Amber Resources Joins Renewable Energy Group

Posted by F&L Petroleum Products on Mar 18th 2022

Amber Resources Proudly Becomes Part Of Renewable Energy Group

Renewable Energy Group (REG) is leading the energy and transportation industries’ transition to sustainability by converting renewable resources into high-quality, sustainable fuels. By pushing fuel forward, they are delivering cleaner fuels to meet growing global demand.

For more than 25 years, Renewable Energy Group has innovated clean fuels with niche products to economically viable fuel alternatives. From biodiesel and renewable diesel to UltraCleanTM Blend and more — REG offers renewable fuels that help customers support both the environment and their businesses.

REG’s cleaner fuels are good for the environment — and they are easy for customers to incorporate into existing infrastructure.


Renewable Energy Group is a global company — and a local one. With locations throughout the U.S. and in Europe, they are a player on the world stage when it comes to cleaner fuels. Their commercial-scale biorefineries and sophisticated production processes ensure they produce high-quality products. And their numerous terminal locations and relationships with suppliers and end users allow them to get fuel where it needs to go. They also are active in, and care deeply about, the communities where they are located. REG is not just a producer and supplier of cleaner fuels, they are also a creator of jobs and a source of economic development for local and regional economies.